Vision Casting

Vision Casting…

What does that mean here at Living Water Fellowship?  You’ve heard that word over the last 9 months, you’ve seen the introduction of Café’s, you’ve seen a new website - how does that all tie together? 

Last spring Brother Dick Iverson shared a scripture with us,  Psalms 25:10 (NKJV), “All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth, to such as keep His covenant and His testimonies.”  We feel that is a call for us to lay out the paths that the Lord would have us to reach the lost in Tillamook.

Another quote that struck us is from which states: “We will do anything short of sin to reach people who don't know Christ."  It is our desire to move–to do–to reach!  That is vision casting! That is what we will be laying out over the next few weeks and months as we seek the Lord’s direction for Living Water Fellowship.

We know growth doesn’t happen by itself.  It is a product of hard work, change, guidance and trying new things even if they are scary. Mike Hanratty shared a message on Eagles and Turkeys – a stirring message and we had many people ask us about how they could serve, they don’t want to be “turkeys” they want to be “Eagles”. So what does moving out and soaring like Eagles look like? How do we put it all together? When does it happen?  Those are great questions – here’s what we are currently working on:

Godly, committed volunteers!  Almost everything we do comes down to relationship. Do you have relationship here at Living Water Fellowship?  Do you serve?  We want to cultivate meaningful, deep relationships with each other so we can extend our hand to the community and have a Kingdom impact.

We want as a goal, ‘excellence’ in service.  But, with that comes balance. We cannot get bogged down with policy and procedures over people; nor, can we throw them out.  We need both - BALANCE is the key.  We need to work toward a balanced excellence that embraces the systems and functions of the church and builds relationships at the same time.  Our goal is to always balance being by-the-book with being the hands and feet of Christ.  We are in the process of developing policies and procedures and seeking God’s wisdom in how to put them together for our current structure and to facilitate growth.

We want our experiences at Living Water Fellowship to be about relationship, community, prayer and hope. We want to focus on more than a “nuts and bolts” approach to
making things happen – we want to foster an atmosphere where people interact and make real-life changes.

We are asking for you to join with us in prayer during our corporate time on Tuesdays (12 noon to 1 pm) to pray for these items:

2 Year Calendar & Program Development.
Development of the Kitchen to be able to serve 120 people! [This includes an island, a dishwasher, utensils and serving equipment, etc.  We are developing a team who can serve to develop a functioning kitchen, structure to events and meal planning].

Studies on Sunday Night.  We will be bringing in Cleansing Steams in January to help people fulfill Philippians 3:13-14.  The Leadership will be previewing this program and preparing it for the January debut.

Family Harvest Night Café – October 31st and a Christmas ‘Gifts’ Café – December 19th.

Kid Fest Activities – Events are being planned for “no-school” days and a Vacation Bible School in the summer of 2015.

We are starting a Young Adult Group.

We want to start a Scout Troop for Boys & Girls using a faith-based American Heritage Program.

Home Groups/Small Groups in different locations.

These are a few things we will be praying about as we continue to Vision Cast.  We will continue developing and using the website to communicate and take advantage of its many resources such as sign-up forms, on-line giving ( for those who want to be able to give whether they are attending weekly or not, announcements, on-line bulletin, etc. 

Feel free to visit with either one of us if you have questions or would like to talk to us further about Vision Casting.

Pastor Marv Kasemeier & Pastor Mark Stricker