Okay, some are Elders, "Staff", and a few that I feel need to be recognized for all the work they do! Also I "stalked" some of your guys' Facebook pages (etc.) because I wanted to use pictures of you guys that were flattering and yet described your personality. Aka... I didn't want to post photos that look like our drivers licenses, because guess what? Those are boring!

- Elliana *Webmaster ;)* <---(I am just kidding!)

  • Pastor Marv + Judie Kasemeier

    Marv + Judie,

    Lead Pastors, parents, grandparents, husband, wife... the list goes on! These two are the lead pastors here at Living Water. I must say that they are pretty cool. I mean come on, look they are eating ice cream! :P

    But on a serious note, thank you both so much for all you do! We all know you guys are committed to this church and we are all very thankful! So thank you both from the bottom of our hearts at Living Water, Thank you!!!

  • Pastor Mark Stricker

    Marky Mark ;)

    Assistant Pastor, (AWESOME) Youth Leader, great husband to Jenn (makes all of us (kiddos in Youth Group want better relationships for our future spouse... maybe that's just me who thinks that?), rocking sound guy, and just all around great. Mark thank you for all you do!!! We know you do so much! Stuff you don't tell people you did but we noticed. Thank you for being the best we all love you and thank God for you and you're amazing heart everyday!

  • Jennifer Stricker


    I picked this picture of you because I believe that it represents you the best. You love Bo so much and we can all see it! I know this may not be your favorite picture but I love it. Your smile is the best part! You light up any room you walk into with your sparkling personality! You have so much love and grace for everyone and you just ROCK all the way around! You do so much just like Mark... you both do so many things that you were not even asked to do. But you do it because you want to make the church a better place all the way around from encouraging people (me included), leading worship, teaching Sunday School, and just the physical labor you put in! Thank you Jenn, we love you!!!

  • Ray Hopfer

    Ray, Ray, Ray...

    You're really great! I'm sure that everyone knows you're the photographer! Thank you for all your work at special events, specifically! You are always busy taking pictures and documenting everything that you do not always get to participate yourself. Thank you for you work with the Sunday school kids, leading worship, being head photographer for everything(!!!), thank you Ray for all that you doooooo!

  • Nancy Hopfer


    This is my favorite picture of you! Everyone see's you this way... and not in a bad way. But I say that because you just have so much energy and you are up for anything! We are very thankful for your work on all that accounting stuff and I call it that because I know you do far more than just count the tithes and balance it out. You encourage all who meet you and you are just a blessing all around! Thank you for all you do!!!

  • Mike Hanratty


    Thanks for being head officer of security for the whole church! It means a lot, I am sure that everyone is deeply grateful for all the work you do anytime. But most important in the church! Thank you for being  the guy who makes the coffee and sets out the cookies every Sunday. Also thank you for all the work you do just serving the community too!

  • Linda Hanratty


    Lead nurse in the church (for sure!), prayer queen, and overall awesome lady! You do so much for our church, community, and us as individuals. We are very thankful for you and the work you do! Thank you so much for your take "charge" personality, you always get things done with such grace and care. I don't always understand how you keep up with all that you do but we are grateful for you!!! Thank you for all you do!

  • Terry + Sandy Blaser

    So I do not know you both well enough to really give a proper "thank you", but thank you both soooooo much for all that you do! Terry you took on the bulletin and PowerPoint and you do a fantastic job! Sandy thank you for your words of wisdom that you write in the bulletin and for sharing your sweet voice with us on Sundays during worship!

  • Lacey Mulford


    I don't really know where to start! Thank you for coming home even though I know you will be leaving soon again... THANK YOU!!! You are an AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, INDEPENDENT woman who has the grace of God and Holy Spirit pouring out of you and touching lives all the time! Your voice is a great treat and you are just amazing!! Thank you so much for all that you have done, it surely has not gone un-noticed and is loved. Also Bella... yeah she's pretty cute by the way! Jenn let me walk her once... she's a cutie! Also shout-out to Ukiah Hawkins for sharing this beauty with us!!!

  • Michael Leach


    Where to begin! You're so incredibly quiet! But you speak loudly in your music!!! It hasn't gone un-noticed and has an amazing impact on the church body. You have an amazing gift... not only in the fact that you are a GREAT pianist just sayin') but that you have a spiritual gift to listen to the spirit and play what He prompts you to play. Not only are you a great piano player (and have been playing at Living Water for like ever, least as long as I have been here. Your Mom says you've been playing for a long time... and I am grateful for that along with EVERYONE else! But as I was saying we are thankful for your gift... but also you! You are a great man of God and your actions in how you live your life and love your family is something I aspire to! Thank you from myself and everyone at Living Water!!!!